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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

How do the ARC Micro-Solution Technologies improve reservoir performance?

How do ARC Micro-Solution Technologies aid in controlling leak-off in low perm reservoirs and deposited filtercakes?

How do ARC Micro-Solution Technologies differ from conventional surfactant and solvent technologies?


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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

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ARC Micro-soution fluid Technology:
Delivering Tomorrow’s Fluid Technologies Today

Employ ARC’s powerful Micro-Solution fluid technologies during drilling, completion, workover, cementing and remediation operations to achieve unprecedented production levels. These patent pending Micro-Solution fluid additives are designed to control multiple phase interfacial tension. In so doing the benefits received include improved system products performance, drastically reduced filtercake lift off pressures, controlled fluid invasion, reduced phase trapping associated with high capillary forces, improved flowback of invaded or imbibed fluid and optimum reservoir permeability to hydrocarbons. Compared to conventional surfactants, micellar and micro-emulsion solutions, our Micro-Solution technologies boast advanced performance due to the multifunctional nature of their chemistries.


Introduction To Micro-Solution Fluid Technology Micro-Solution's Ability To Co-Solubilize Oil & Water Is A Key Differentiator
The ARC Micro-Solution additives are very different from other surfactant products, mutual solvents, solutions and “regular” micro-emulsions. Our Micro-Solution fluid technology is a thermodynamically stable single phase Micro-Solution system of oil, water and surfactants that is optically isotropic. The oil and water domains, or “droplets”, in our product are of sub-nanometer size, giving the product some very unique properties. Our Micro-Solution systems ability to co-solubilize oil and water is a key differentiator from perceived competitive products.

Optimized Reservoir
Micro-Solution fluid Technology Will Increase Your Relative Permeability
Our Micro-Solution fluid technologies will increase the relative permeability of the contacted reservoir to gas and water lowering the overall water saturation. This is accomplished by producing ultra low interfacial tension (IFT) between the product Micro-Solution phase and the excess oil and/or water phases within reservoirs. The net result being the capillary forces that “trap” gas and oil in a porous medium are overcome allowing for improved fluid recoveries, reduced breakdown pressures, speed up the rate and quantity of fluid recovery, enhanced acid penetration, enhanced cleanup, and reduce the damage caused by drilling fluid products residue.

Leakoff Control
(Lab Test)

Micro-Solution Nano Structures Accumulate Within The Filter Cake

In polymer systems the Micro-Solution nano size structures accumulate within the filtercake reducing the perm to the leakoff fluid – thus reducing leakoff. The filtercake is then more easily removed in a flush containing our product. This technique has been applied with success in the Rocky Mountains on several wells. In many cases no workover rig was needed to cleanup the well as it flowed naturally.

Regained Relative Perm (Lab Test)

Micro-Solution Fluid Technology Increases The Relative Permeability
By controlling the interfacial tensions between the liquids and solids within a drilling fluid better product performance is received. When additives that are designed to build a seal can flow through the liquid phase more efficiently they provide better utility. After theses additives are relieved of the hindrance of interfacial tension two key benefits are received. One is they compact better and secondly their resistance to lift off when the well is produced is significantly reduced. Couple these features to the added benefit of the Micro-Solution traveling with the filtrate that enters into your reservoir when the seal is created. In so doing, all multiple phase interfacial tensions between fluids and solids encountered are reduced by more than 50 % thus optimizing flow back.

The following is a recent return perm study performed with reservoir core and field mud. Please note that the permeability is “permeability to air” so the actual reservoir permeability is very low (< 1 mD). The ability to achieve 100 % regained permeability with a simple gel-chem system and drop the drawdown pressure for cake lift off from 10,000 kPa to 37 kPa truly defines the importance of controlling multiple phase interfacial tension with ARC Drill-In™ to optimize fluid and reservoir performances.

KCL and ARC Regain™ Remediation
(Production case Study)
ARC Micro-Solution Product Optimizes Shale Play Production

As the substrate accumulates within a reservoir permeability to hydrocarbons is reduced; eventually requiring remediation of the well. Significantly better performance is achieved when multiple phase interfacial tensions between liquids, semi-solids and solids within a remediating fluid and a reservoir are minimized. By relieving the hindrance of multiple phase interfacial tension the products penetrate faster and further providing a better spend of the treating additives. ARC Regain™ provides multiple phase interfacial tension reduction by more than 50 % between all fluids, solids and semi-solids encountered as it penetrates the reservoir.

HCl acid and ARC Regain AC™ Remediation
(Production Case History)

ARC Regain AC™ Enhance Acid Penetration and Spend

When drilling fluid damage, scale accumulation, or reservoir characteristics drive the need for acid treating of your reservoir ARC Regain AC™ is the treatment enhancer of choice. ARC Regain AC™ provides multiple phase interfacial tension reduction by more than 50 % between all fluids, solids and semi-solids encountered as it penetrates the reservoir. By relieving the hindrance of multiple phase interfacial tension between the treating fluid products, damage and reservoir penetration of the acid is faster and more complete providing a better spend. This translates into:

  • Improved Utility of Acid Remediating Fluids Through:
    • Faster Penetration
    • Deeper Penetration
    • More Efficient Spend
  • Enhanced Substrate Release from the Reservoir
  • Fast Clean-up Due To Reduced Flow Back Pressures
  • A Regain of Production As Ideal Permeability To Hydrocarbons Is Reestablished Within The Reservoir

Summary Micro-Solutions Deliver Results
The ARC Micro-Solution products have been used on hundred’s of wells to date in various basinal settings with consistent success in accelerated fluid recoveries, minimized fluid damage, and improved production profiles. The technology has been deployed in various phases of drilling and production with very positive results and no reported lost wells. The ARC Micro-Solution fluid technologies are custom designed to optimize your operations, reservoir potential and production. This means improved ROI’s for you.

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