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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids


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May 20th, 2007
ARC joins forces with Reel Revolution Ltd in order to optimize CBM and Brownfield operations.

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February 28th, 2006
Paper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.

aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

How do the ARC Nano-solution Technologies improve reservoir performance?

How do ARC Nano-solution Technologies aid in controlling leak-off in low perm reservoirs and deposited filtercakes?

How do ARC Nano-solution Technologies differ from conventional surfactant and solvent technologies?


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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids
What is believed to be occurring during the ARC Micro-solution penetration process?

The ARC Micro-solution systems associated with invading fluids provide a production optimizing building process by:

1) initially penetrating the contaminating oil or water layers within the exposed pores of the formation rock through the solvent Micro-solution mechanism,

2) thereby driving micro-emulsification of the oil, water or gel components into the aqueous phase and

3) water-wetting of the underlying solid surfaces through the micro-meter sized surfactant/detergent action.

The results of these actions are the ARC Micro-solution systems produce ultra-low interfacial tensions between the Micro-solution phase and the excess oil and/or water phases increasing the contact angle with the rock, thereby overcoming the capillary forces that “trap” oil or water in a porous medium. The Micro-solution surfactant and solvent components work in a combined fashion to increase the penetration and cleaning capacity of the product within the reservoir.

How do the ARC Micro-solution Technologies improve reservoir performance?

Penetration of the exposed pores within low perm reservoir rock during the imbibition and invasion process by the single phase ARC Micro-solutions is accomplished because the active components are functioning in the 10 – 50 angstroms micro-structure range. As the micro-emulsification of insitu fluids takes place a temporary displacement of the pre-invasion wetting phase within the pores to one of neutral wettability transpires. In so doing the irreducible water saturation is altered reestablishing ideal reservoir saturation, very low interfacial surface energies are achieved and the relative perm to hydrocarbons is increased.

How do ARC Micro-solution Technologies aid in controlling leak-off in low perm reservoirs and deposited filtercakes?

As the 10 – 50 angstroms micro-structures of the Micro-solution enter they begin conglomerating near the borehole or fracture face entrance of the pore. It is believed that the conglomerates developed take on a polyhedral structure (soccer ball like structure) known as Voronoi structures that when formed are in the 10 – 150 nano-meters structural range. Together these nano-structures behave as an equilibrium mass. These conglomerated masses are believed to aid in restricting overall fluid invasion as they effectively create a nano-environment seal just inside of the exposed pores.

A similar process is believed to occur within semi-permeable filtercakes where engineered external sealing efficiencies are required. Not only does the Micro-solution improve the control of static and dynamic leak-off where filtercakes are concerned it also aids in the filtercake lift-off process when a preflush containing the Micro-solution is used prior to cementing or displacements.

How do ARC Micro-solution Technologies differ from conventional surfactant and solvent technologies?

Structurally the difference is very significant. Our Micro-solution fluid technology is a thermodynamically stable single phase Micro-solution system of oil, water and surfactants that is optically isotropic. The systems dynamic ability to co-solubilize oil and water is a key differentiator from single surfactant or solvent products. The ARC Micro-solution fluids are introduced into the reservoir in the micro-meter range of 10 – 50 angstroms building into polyhedral conglomerated structures of the 10 – 150 nano-meter size (one order of magnitude size difference). Performance wise this translates into very low product concentration requirements because of their extremely high surface area contact. Typical product concentration requirements are ½ of 1% by volume. The ARC Micro-solution technologies economic utility is very high.

Conventional surfactant and solvent products are typically introduced into the well in the 500 – 1000 nano-meters size range. This severely restricts their application window, functionality and efficiency.

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