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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids


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May 20th, 2007
ARC joins forces with Reel Revolution Ltd in order to optimize CBM and Brownfield operations.

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February 28th, 2006
Paper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.

aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

Common Questions
How do the ARC Formate Technologies improve the drilling process?

How do the ARC Formate Technologies improve reservoir performance?

How do ARC Formate Technologies provide safety benefits to your well site operations?

Are ARC Formate Technologies compatible with other ARC technologies?


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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

ARC Formate Fluid Technology:
Delivering Tomorrow’s Fluid Technologies Today

The ARC formate based fluid systems are very different from other fluid technologies. Features such as non-toxic, environmentally benign, biodegradable, solids free, low viscosity, controlled whole fluid, filtrate and solids invasion into your reservoir are stand alone when it comes to salt based fluids. The synergistic ARC aphron and micro-emulsion packages incorporate very unique design benefits. The ability of these fluid technologies to deliver you the best drilling, completion and workover fluid options available today is a key differentiator from perceived competitive products.


Introduction To Formate Fluid Technology ARC formate fluids are the #-1 drilling, workover and completions fluid
ARC saturated formate systems are very different from other conventional salt based fluid technologies. Their design is non-toxic, environmentally benign and biodegradable. The technology offers inherently low viscosity across a wide density range of 8.3 – 19.2 pound per gallon. These polar ionic fluids are non-corrosive, non-damaging and very safe to handle. Operating within a highly buffered pH range of 9.0 -10.5 the ARC formate fluids provide additional protection to polymers making them ideal base fluids for wellsite applications. They are highly compatible with other ARC offerings such as the Aphron and Micro-emulsion fluid technologies. The ability of these fluid technologies to deliver solids free invasion control is a key differentiator from perceived competitive products.

Optimized Well Construction ARC technologies improve drilling, completion and workover processes
The synergies between the ARC formate, aphron and micro-emulsion fluid technologies deliver solids free, minimally invasive drilling, completion and workover fluids like no others. Overcoming the operating hurdles normally associated with high density fluid, varying annular and reservoir pressure differentials, under saturated reservoirs and environmental concerns typically associated with perceived competitive fluids is just a start. These minimally invasive fluids expand the operating window of full density fluids serving as a bridge between reservoirs and industry equipment technologies. The net result being the drilling, completion and workover conditions are optimized allowing for efficient well construction operations, enhanced cleanup by speeding up the rate of fluid recovery, increased initial production rates and improved operating costs.
Protect Your Formation
. . . And Optimize Your Production Potential !

Ultra low solids content minimizes the risk of solids invasion.

• Monovalent formates minimize the risk of precipitation.

• Drastically reduces the risk of skin and emulsion blocking.

• Stabilizes interstitial clays and minimizing fines migration.

Improves Wellsite Operations
. . . Optimize Your Time and Costs !
• Reduce the risk of differential and mechanical sticking.
• Eliminate barite sag.
• Optimize fluid hydraulics.
• Thermal equilibrium reached quickly.
• Excellent shale inhibition/stabilization.
• Improve penetration rates.
• Eliminate the risk of corrosion.
• Improve high temperature stabilization of polymers.
• Reduce risk of tools/pump failures.
• Non-damaging to elastomers.
• Reduce torque and drag while optimizing lubricity.
• Improved cement jobs.
• Cleaner completions.
Environmentally Benign
ARC formate based technologies are kind to your environment . . .

The ARC formate technologies have been employed in many workover scenarios around the globe. The features of full density fluids, controlled invasion, controlled leakoff, expedient clean up, environmental friendliness, ease of use and proven performance make it a quality value choice. Over and over again operators are realizing time and cost savings as a result of this technology is an undeniable success.

ARC Fluid Technologies Deliver Results . . .

The ARC fluid technologies product line has been used on hundreds of wells to date in various global settings with consistent success in controlled invasion and leakoff, improved wellsite operations, accelerated fluid recoveries, improved production profiles and improved well design efficiencies. The technology has been deployed in various phases of drilling and production with very positive results.

The ARC formate fluid technologies are custom designed to optimize your operations, reservoir potential and production. This means improved ROI’s for you!

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