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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluidsAre aphron fluid technologies a good fit for your oil field project?

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May 20th, 2007
ARC joins forces with Reel Revolution Ltd in order to optimize CBM and Brownfield operations.

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February 28th, 2006
Paper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.

aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

What sort of equipment do I need to use this fluid system?

How will it help me?


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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids
How does this technology differ from standard fluid systems?  

By incorporating the various features associated with a high LSRV base fluid, alkaline pH and aphrons this fluid technology delivers the highest performance benefits of any known drilling, workover or completions fluids in the industry.

Unlike conventional fluids that by design are intended to dewater (deposit a solids bridge and / or filtercake) the invasion control aphron fluid technologies drastically limit the amount of free water available for feeding high capillary forces associated with low porosity and low pressure formations.
The enhanced LSRV features of the aphron fluid technologies out perform conventional reservoir drill-in fluids (RDF) with the ability to easily function with standard well site drilling equipment at LSRV’s well above 120,000 cP. This means ideal hole cleaning, minimal erosion, controlled whole mud invasion in fractured environments, no cuttings bed build up in high angle bores and optimized performance of the surface solids removal equipment.
The alkaline base fluid mitigates corrosion, imparts inhibition and optimizes system components performance.
The aphrons offer solids free micro-environment sealing that mitigates differential sticking and does not require stimulation for well clean-up. This seal enables the use of full density fluids in very low pressure environments. In the correct application this can mean the elimination of a casing string. This can change the economics of a mature marginal field.
Coupling and ARC micro-emulsion package provides control of surface tension build up associated with water saturation alteration driven by high capillary force environments. By controlling these surface tensions the capillary end force pressure is mitigated allowing the exposed reservoir to self clean up under its own pressure thus optimizing your reservoirs production potential.
The use of ARC formats where higher density fluids are required brings added benefits of no solids weighted fluids, increased inhibition, further increased alkaline base fluid benefits and differential sticking control.

With all of this in a single package why would you expose your reservoir to anything less?

What sort of equipment do I need to use this fluid system?

Standard well site drilling equipment is the norm for the aphron fluid technologies. When candidate applications suggest the need for very high LSRV’s (150,000 cP) or the use of saturated brines for base fluids ARC suggests the use of a high shear or cavitating mixer. In such instances ARC has a product line available for your consideration. Otherwise, a standard mud hopper is all that is required for building the system.

ARC suggests the use of sufficient screening equipment to enable the use of 175 mesh screens (preferably 210 – 225 mesh) with no more than 70 % of the screening surface area being covered at the desired circulating rate.

The use of a centrifuge to aid in the control of fines build up is also suggested.

NOTE: All standard rig and drilling equipment function well with the aphron fluid technologies. MWD, LWD, PWD, electric logging tools, etc. have been used many times without incident.

How will it help me?

Depending on the application the following well construction benefits can be received.

  • No differential sticking
  • Optimized rig time
  • Minimized risk
  • Optimized target achievement
  • Minimized whole mud losses
  • Optimized logistics
  • Optimized reservoir clean up
  • Optimized rig time
  • Optimized reservoir production potential by:
  • Controlling surface tension forces within high capillary force environments
  • Controlled cuttings (solids) loading of fractures
  • Mitigated phase blocking
  • Well design benefits:
  • Eliminate casing string(s)
  • Expand tight drill windows
  • Optimize high angle, horizontal and multiple leg well construction
  • Can eliminate the need for costly UBD or coiled tubing
  • Drilling observations:
    • 15 % reduction is pump pressure at equivalent circulating rates with conventional fluids
    • 3 %+ reduction in torques and drag compared to similar well profiles with conventional waterbase fluids
    • Equivalent penetration rates
  • Excellent hole cleaning
  • Workover observations:
    • Mitigate losses with a solids free workover fluid
    • Allow the use of a full density fluid in depleted wells
    • Eliminate the need for costly equipment needs such as coiled tubing or UBD.
    • Provide a safe working environment

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