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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids


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ARC CBM Drill-In

ARC CBM Regain™
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May 20th, 2007
ARC joins forces with Reel Revolution Ltd in order to optimize CBM and Brownfield operations.

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February 28th, 2006
Paper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.

aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

How do the ARC Nano-solution Technologies improve reservoir performance?

How do ARC Nano-solution Technologies aid in controlling leak-off in low perm reservoirs and deposited filtercakes?

How do ARC Nano-solution Technologies differ from conventional surfactant and solvent technologies?


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aphron oil gas mature field masi drilling fluids

ARC CBM Micro-soution fluid Technologies:
Delivering Tomorrow’s Fluid Technologies Today

rocky mountains cbm unconventional gas coal bed methaneARC CBM Drill-In™ enhances CBM drilling fluids by shutting down instantaneous imbibition into the low permeability coal. This process mitigates phase trapping and optimizes the reservoirs gas production potential. When used in CBM drilling or cavitating fluids ARC CBM Drill-In™ controls all multiple phase interfacial tensions between solids, liquids and gases within the reservoir facilitating expedient cleat clean-up by optimizing flow back of black water from the reservoir. Typical increased clean-up rates of 20 – 40 % are in direct proportion to the increased gas production volumes observed on several hundred wells. When coal is drilled high volumes coal fines are generated. Relieving these coal fines of the hindrance generated by multiple phase interfacial tension two key benefits are received. One is they do not pack as a tightly bonded mass within the cleats. Secondly their resistance to flow back when the well is produced is significantly reduced facilitating rapid clean up of black water. Couple these features to the added benefit of the Micro-solution traveling with the drilling or cavitating fluid that enters into your reservoir thereby mitigating phase trapping and overall reservoir performance is optimized.


Introduction To CBM Micro-solution Fluid Technologies CBM Micro-solution Technologies Control Multiple Phase Interfacial Tension
CBM reservoirs are highly susceptible to having their permeability to hydrocarbons reduced when foreign fluids are introduced to them during the drilling and cavitation processes. Significantly better production performance is achieved when multiple phase interfacial tensions between liquids, semi-solids and solids within a remediating fluid and a reservoir are minimized. By relieving the hindrance of multiple phase interfacial tension the products penetrate faster and further providing a better spend of the treating additives. ARC CBM Regain™ provides multiple phase interfacial tension reduction by more than 50 % between all fluids, solids and semi-solids encountered as it penetrates the reservoir. This translates into:
  • Improved Utility of Remediating Fluids Through:
    • Faster Penetration
    • Deeper Penetration
    • More Efficient Spend
  • Enhanced Substrate and Black Water Release From the Reservoir
  • Faster Clean-up Due To Reduced Flow Back Pressures
  • A Regain of Production as Ideal Permeability to Hydrocarbons is Reestablished within the reservoir.
ARC CBM Foam Systems ARC CBM Foam Systems Offer Complete Package Solutions
ARC CBM Low Head D™ and ARC CBM Low Head C™ are combination packages of a foamer and Micro-solution for the purpose of treating coal or shale wells. The foamers also act as a corrosion inhibitor. ARC CBM PCS™ is a foam stiffening enhancer for use with the ARC CBM Low Head D™ product. ARC CBM PCS™ also functions an environmentally safe, chloride free coal stabilizing additive.
Coalbed Methane
(Field Trial)

ARC Micro-solution Treated Wells Returned 50% More Gas

Coalbed methane wells in the Rocky Mountains were stimulated with and without the addition of ARC CBM Regain FMS™ Micro-solution product to the fracturing fluid. The coal reservoir is at 3000 ft and 80 F. The treated wells have a perm of 0.1 md on the average with a net pay of 30 ft. The frac treatments consisted of 36,000 gal of 70 quality nitrogen foam containing 20.0 ppt guar and 4.0 gpt foamer. The treatments contained 2 gpt ARC CBM Regain FMS™. 50,000 lb of 20/40 sand was placed at 20 bpm. The ARC CBM Regain FMS™ Micro-solution treated wells returned 50% more water and produced 50% more gas on a cumulative basis over six months.

Coalbed Methane

ARC Micro-solution Treatment Increased Gas From 1,500 to 4,000 MCFPM

The remediation of stimulation damage in a coalbed methane well in San Juan Basin of New Mexico was accomplished with a treatment of 30 gal of ARC Drill-In Micro-solution product in 30 bbl of brine water. Gas improved from 1500 to 4000 MCFPM.

Summary Micro-solutions Deliver Results
The ARC CBM Micro-solution products have been used on hundred’s of wells to date in various basinal settings with consistent success in accelerated fluid recoveries, minimized fluid damage, and improved production profiles. The technology has been deployed in various phases of CBM drilling and production with very positive results and no reported lost wells. The ARC CBM Micro-solution fluid technologies are custom designed to optimize your operations, reservoir potential and production. This means improved ROI’s for you.


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