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Apr 12th, 2010

Discover how ARC's I.C.E.™ lubricant technology can make your waterbase system have coefficients of friction 3X more slick than oilbase systems.

Apr 4th, 2009
ARC Fluid Technologies realeases new multimedia presentation on Micro-Solution Technology.

Feb 26th, 2008
ARC's technologies to be featured in all of JuneWarren's O&G publications this month.

ARC Featured in Oilweek Magazine


February 28th, 2006
Paper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.


Rocky Mountains CBM Shale Understaurated drilling fluidYou can’t teach an old fluid new tricks...

Once a drilling fluid proves itself in certain wells, it becomes an industry standard. For many operators, such a proven fluid is “good enough.” They stick with it, even when they drill new kinds of formations – such as undersaturated reservoirs and coal bed methane – or after drilling conditions change such as due to depletion.

In reality, applying old fluids in new kinds of wells can harm long-term productivity. So how will you help ensure that your drilling fluid vitalizes production? More...

  aphron micro emulsion arc mudoil gas mature field drilling fluids Aphron Fluid Technologies
Pro-actively optimize drilling, completion and workover operations within highly invasive drilling environments including severely depleted mature oil and gas fields. More...
  micro emulsion arc mudoil gas mature field drilling fluids Nano-solution Fluid Technologies
Delivering a return to optimized water saturation with these nano fluid solutions restore the relative permeability to gas and oil by reducing the rock-fluid interfacial tensions. More...
  aphron micro emulsion arc mudoil gas mature field drilling fluids Formate Fluid Technology
Efficient blending and handling of bulk or liquids drives all around performance at the drill site. More...

aphron micro emulsion arc mudoil gas mature field drilling fluids
ARC’s comprehensive technical services range from project feasibility studies, to solution design, through well site execution and onto performance recapping of our oil and gas production enhancing technologies and services.


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